Alert over counterfeit perfume sold in Portsmouth

PCSOs Emma Gill and Tracy Mann in Commercial Road, Portsmouth
PCSOs Emma Gill and Tracy Mann in Commercial Road, Portsmouth
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SHOPPERS are being urged to steer clear of dodgy street traders selling counterfeit perfumes.

Police have said a group of men – about four in total – are taking advantage of shoppers in the Commercial Road area of Portsmouth where they are selling the goods.

Police Community Support Officer Tracy Mann has said there is a legitimate market stall in the street selling perfumes.

But she has urged people to avoid the other group who are making hundreds of pounds from selling the fake perfumes – and could be putting people at risk.

PCSO Mann said: ‘We have got young lads coming into town with cheap bottles of imitation perfume.

‘They are selling it out of a carrier bag and telling people they have stolen it from a fragrance store and getting people to spend an awful lot of money on the stuff when nobody knows what it is they are buying.

‘This stuff is going for about £30. They are making hundreds of pounds.

‘They are targeting vulnerable people and people who haven’t got a lot of money.

‘If you love someone, don’t give it to them – you don’t know what’s in it.’

‘There are about four of them who come down together and go up and down.

PCSO Mann is now patrolling Commercial Road while wearing a poster warning people to be on the look-out for the dodgy goods.

The yellow and black sign reads: ‘There are fake perfume sellers operating in this area.

PCSO Mann added: ‘I’m like a human sandwich board.

‘The engagement with people has been fantastic, because people come and stop and ask about it and talk to me.’

Call police with concerns on 101 or 999 in an emergency.

Alternatively call the Crimestoppers charity on 0800 555111.