All Hampshire police officers to get body-worn video cameras

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ALL Hampshire police officers will be issued with body-worn video equipment under new plans.

Police and crime commissioner Simon Hayes has announced the £700,000 investment in Hampshire Constabulary.

It will bring the total of body-worn cameras used by the force to 2,800.

The cash has come from the innovation grant from government.

In a statement Mr Hayes said: ‘I’m pleased to announce Hampshire Constabulary will now be able to issue one body worn camera to every frontline officer and PCSO, boosting the number in use to 2,800 over the next six months.

‘This is part of a £700,000 investment in technology to modernise the way Hampshire Constabulary works.

‘It is important to invest in kit and equipment that works and helps the police to be more effective.’

Mr Hayes met with

“The IT investment programme as a whole will help communication between the public and police, the courts and the police. It will enable officers to do their jobs properly, to show evidence to the courts about what has happened at incidents, and to speed up the justice process. This is important for the victim and society as a whole and helping the police to more effectively protect people and places.”