Alleged Hancock victim’s anger as police lose records

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A WOMAN who claims she was sexually assaulted by Mike Hancock has spoken of her anger after police mislaid evidence about his conduct.

Hampshire Constabulary is trying to find what’s happened to phone records dating from 2010 showing the amount of contact the Fratton councillor had with her.

The force insists it still has a hard copy of what was said and the disc containing the other data disappeared after the decision was made not to take further action against Cllr Hancock.

As previously reported, police decided not to take criminal proceedings against Cllr Hancock, who is also a Portsmouth MP, following discussions with the Crown Prosecution Service.

It followed the police’s examination of an independent report by QC Nigel Pascoe into his behaviour.

The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, said the revelation didn’t come as a surprise, and she plans to lodge a complaint to The Independent Police Complaints Commission.

‘I was upset and angry, but by having these setbacks they only make me stronger and more determined to keep fighting all the way,’ she said.

‘There is no doubt in my mind that the authorities do not take me seriously.

‘They have, and have always, treated me with disrespect and disdain. I despise the authorities and I will never trust them ever again.’

The woman is suing Cllr Hancock in the High Court and legal representatives for both sides will meet there on Monday to discuss the case.

A friend of the victim said: ‘This smacks of not taking a serious matter, or not giving a matter that is serious the diligence that it deserves.’

A Hampshire Constabulary spokesman said: ‘These phone records were available to police, and examined by officers, before the original decision was made to take no further action in this case.’

He added: ‘These records were not a decisive piece of evidence.

‘We are in the process of locating a disc that contains these phone records in our archives, and hard copies of the actual phone messages remain available to the police currently.’

Cllr Hancock said he was unaware of the latest development.