Alleged murderer '˜predicted the death' of stabbed woman in Portsmouth

A knife-wielding drug addict '˜prophesied' the killing of a friend who owed a drug debt of £100, a court heard.

Friday, 26th January 2018, 2:53 pm
Updated Friday, 26th January 2018, 4:19 pm
Nadine Burden, who was found murdered in Toronto Road, Buckland

Victoria Arthur, 44, carried out her threats on Nadine Burden after warning, ‘you’re done for’, before stabbing the 36-year-old victim to death, prosecutor Kerry Maylin told Salisbury Crown Court in summing up.

The defendant is accused of speeding over to Ms Burden’s Toronto Road home in her wheelchair before butchering the victim to death in a frenzied attack.

Ms Burden was found dead in a pool of blood in January last year after suffering seven stab wounds including a fatal blow to her jugular.

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Addressing the jurors, Ms Maylin said: ‘Ms Burden met her death in a violent manner at the hands of Ms Arthur –someone she had known a few months. Ms Burden suffered seven stab wounds to different parts of her body which are consistent with turning away and trying to protect herself.’

Speaking of the night of the incident, the prosecutor said Arthur stormed round to Ms Burden’s house in a rage armed with a knife following a series of warnings about having the debt paid.

‘There was a tussle but after scurrying away could Ms Arthur not have just left? But for whatever reason she got out the knife and used it before having the presence of mind to wipe the door, make the journey home, wash her clothes and then lie to the police.’

Ms Maylin added: ‘The last words from Ms Arthur before she went to Ms Burden’s home were “you’re done for”. That really was a prophecy.’

Ms Burden owed Arthur’s partner Julie Palmer £100 after being lent the money in two instalments but did not pay it back when asked.

Arthur, of Milton Road, denies murder after saying she acted in self-defence when she went to Ms Burden’s shared house armed with a knife. (Proceeding)