Almost £2m seized from convicted criminals

Police car. Pitcure: Jon Rigby

Police catch 10 people texting and driving on Hampshire motorways in just one day

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POLICE have clawed back almost £2m from crooks after cash confiscations trebled.

Criminals in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight had to pay back a total of £1,908,281.61 last year.

It comes after Hampshire Constabulary’s Financial Investigation Unit secured 98 confiscation orders – which aim to claw back some of the proceeds of crime from crooks after they are convicted.

The total cash gained was more than three times the amount criminals were ordered to repay in the previous year.

Detective Inspector Dave Brown said: ‘Through the Proceeds of Crime Act legislation, the force can not only convict individuals for their crimes but it can also ensure that once convicted the criminals won’t be able to benefit from their criminal activity at a later date. The impact these criminals have on the community is huge and we want to ensure that they can’t return and show off their ill-gotten gains.’

By the end of May this year the unit had already secured the confiscation of £200,189.55.