POLICE officers have warned residents and homeowners in Portsmouth to be more vigilant in the summer months, after 20 burglaries in the city in the past three weeks.

The news comes after a spate of burglary reports were received in the city since Tuesday, May 8.

According to the police, thieves have been targeting electrical equipment, purses, and car keys.

Hampshire Constabulary has highlighted Devonshire Avenue, Tennyson Road, Talbot Road, and Duncan Road as high-priority targets for burglars.

Detective Sergeant Martin Longyear said: ‘It is tempting during warmer weather to leave windows and doors open to increase airflow, but if you’re not at home, or in a different part of the property, this could give an opportunistic thief a chance to steal your valuables.

‘Please don’t give them the chance. Putting valuables out of sight, locking doors, and securing windows could prevent this from happening.’