Amnesty brings in hundreds of deadly firearms

DEADLY HAUL Guns handed in during the amnesty
DEADLY HAUL Guns handed in during the amnesty
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A SUB-MACHINE gun and a triple-barrelled shotgun were among a hoard of weapons handed into Hampshire police during a county-wide amnesty.

Over 12 days, residents were able to come forward to the police with unlicensed or illegal firearms and ammunition without fear of conviction.

More than 120 firearms were handed into stations across Hampshire.

This included a Second World War Lancaster sub-machine gun, a First World War trench flare gun, a three-barrelled shotgun and several automatic rifles.

Chief Constable of Hampshire Police, Andy Marsh, was surprised by the volume of weapons collected in the 12 days, and has thanked the residents of Hampshire for coming forward to help.

Mr Marsh said: ‘These are examples of the types of weapons criminals will want to get their hands on, so it is vital that we destroy all the firearms in the correct manner.

‘Even though these guns may be deactivated, if they fall into the wrong hands they can easily be re-activated, this is why we hold these amnesties to ensure this does not happen.

‘We want to prevent any criminals having a firearm.

‘The amnesty surrender has finished now.

‘But if people still want to hand in old firearms then we encourage them to ring up the police and we can remove it.’

All but one of the weapons collected will be destroyed.

However the triple-barrelled shotgun which is to be allocated for use by police officers for training purposes.

Mr Marsh added: ‘We do hold a small number of weapons to train our armed response officers if, on the rare occasion, they do come up against an unusual weapon they can deal with it safely and correctly take the ammunition out of it.’

Air guns, pistols and a toy among the haul

During the 12-day amnesty, Hampshire police seized a hoard of weapons.

This is a breakdown of what was handed in:

Shotguns - 42

Air guns - 22

Pistols - 17

Yet to be classified - 17

Rifles - 13

Flare pistols - 3

Revolvers - 2

Machine guns -2

BB guns - 2

Dart gun - 1

Child’s toy - 1