‘An attack on god’s message of harmony’

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SHOCKED leaders of the Muslim faith have condemned the killing of a priest.

Father Jacques Harmel was murdered in a church in Rouen, France, while giving mass on Monday.

The statement said: ‘The fact that this appalling incident occurred in a sacred place devoted to god and at a time when the faithful were praying to god profoundly affects us all.

‘To attack a religious person is to attack the divine message of love, peace and harmony.’

French police shot dead the two teenage killers.

Isil has released video of them supposedly pledging allegiance to the group.

The statement added: ‘We share the pain and horror caused by this absurd act of violence and also other acts of terror witnessed in the past few days across France, Germany, Kabul (Afghanistan), Kadhimiya in Baghdad (Iraq) and other parts of the world.’

Signatories include: Sheikh Datoo, imam of Al Mahdi Centre, Wessex Jamaat and Sheikh Muhiuddin, imam of Jami Mosque, among others.