Anger after building rubble and sharp tools dumped by beach

  • Local councillor believes there is a case for CCTV
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CALLS have been made for CCTV surveillance to deter people from fly-tipping near a beach.

It comes as yet another pile of disgusting mess was dumped at Eastney.

Fly-tippers left a pile of building rubble – including a large saw – on a public footpath to Eastney beach, near Fort Cumberland.

It comes amid of spate of similar incidents in the past two years.

In July, on the same weekend as The America’s Cup, fly-tippers left a mountain of rubbish on the access road to the shore, off Fort Cumberland Road.

It meant the road was blocked to emergency services throughout the weekend.

Glenn Roberts, 40, of Eastney, was shocked to find the rubble and tools on the public footpath as he walked his dog.

He said: ‘It was getting quite dark and as we came round the corner, I was shocked.

‘It was a massive pile. It was disgusting. It was dangerous because there a big saw lying on the ground. If the dog had been off the lead, it could have cut his feet.’

Eastney Lib Dem Councillor Matthew Winnington said there was a strong case for CCTV cameras.

He said there had been a ‘proliferation’ of fly-tipping across the city this year, but Eastney had long been a hotspot.

‘Not only have we got issues with fly-tipping, but also incidents of people getting into the QinetiQ site and causing vandalism,’ said Cllr Winnington.

‘I think it might be worth putting CCTV in that area. It might be helpful for the council and also the police.’

Council officials said the mess had been cleared up. There are no current plans for CCTV but patrols will take place.

A spokesman added: ‘In areas where there is a re-occurrence of fly-tipping, efforts are made to watch those areas in an effort to catch and prosecute offenders.’