Anger as cat is killed by pellet gun thug in Hayling Island

SHOT Denise Easterbrook with Tula the cat
SHOT Denise Easterbrook with Tula the cat
Portsmouth Crown Court

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A FAMILY is coming to terms with the death of their beloved pet cat after it was shot with a pellet gun.

Four-year-old Tula suffered terrible injuries and died a week after being shot.

The attack, in Sandy Point Road, Hayling Island, happened on February 17 at 9.15am.

Tula was only out of the house for 20 minutes and her injuries were so appalling her owner, Denise Easterbrook, thought she had been run over.

Mrs Easterbook, 47, said: ‘The damage was horrific – she had to have 6in of her intestines removed after the bullet went through her spleen and gut.

‘She had a pellet lodged near her spine and one in her leg.

‘The vets tried so hard to save her but she took a turn for the worse on Saturday and died.

‘The saddest thing is she belongs to my daughter, Kathryn, who has ME, and she is going through such a hard time.

‘She can get low and this has been hard for her.

‘Kathryn left for a holiday hoping that Tula would pull through and a few hours later I had to contact her to tell her Tula had died.

‘I’m receiving heartbreaking text messages from Kathryn. We are all devastated.’

Pet Doctors veterinary surgery in Drayton treated Tula and carried out extensive surgery in a bid to save her but she was too badly injured.

Mrs Easterbrook, an administrator, said: ‘We want all the other cat owners in the area to know about this truly sickening, despicable and cruel act.

‘Tula was such a friendly good-natured cat and the distress and suffering caused to her and our family is immeasurable.

‘She was only out for 20 minutes, so it makes me think it has to have been done by somebody who lives close by to us.

‘That’s a very uncomfortable thought.

‘It’s sad that someone could torture an innocent animal.’

Vet Joram Mudzingwn said: ‘It was a quite horrendous thing to happen and the cat would certainly have been in a lot of pain.’

Police are investigating the incident and would like to hear from any other pet owners whose animals have been attacked in the area recently.

Anyone with information should call Havant Police on 101.