Anger as thief steals precious 4ft-tall Santa from Portsmouth family

Norma Newnham and her six-year-old grandson Barnaby Atkinson. Picture: Paul Jacobs (143550-1)
Norma Newnham and her six-year-old grandson Barnaby Atkinson. Picture: Paul Jacobs (143550-1)
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A SIX-YEAR-OLD boy was left in tears after thieves pinched his favourite 4ft Father Christmas light.

They stole the ornament from his grandmother’s garden in Mayfield Road, North End, Portsmouth.

The Santa was bought by Norma Newnham 20 years ago, and is much loved by young Barnaby Atkinson.

Mrs Newnham, a retired shop assistant, said: ‘Barnaby cried when I told him as he loves the Father Christmas.

‘And because of the street I live in, lots of children walk past on their way to and from school.

‘I would love for it to be returned, but I doubt that’s going to happen.’

She added: ‘I bought it about 20 years ago.

‘I used to watch Christmas films with my daughter and see all those Santa Claus ornaments in American films and thought I’d like one for my garden.

‘At the time I was a shop assistant and was only on £83 a week, but my daughter said they had them in B&Q.

‘It was £120, which was a lot of money at the time, but I decided I wanted one and went down and managed to get the last one.’

Mrs Newnham added: ‘On December 2, I had some friends around for lunch, and when they came in it was there.

‘When they left at 3.30pm I saw it had been taken.

‘I can’t believe people would do such a thing. I am very upset.’

Barnaby said he was upset to find out it had been stolen.

He said: ‘I liked the Father Christmas because it was quite tall and lit up.

‘I was sad when I found out someone had taken it.

‘I could see it in the street and I liked that. I would like it back.’

The following day a hanging basket was stolen from the house.

Hampshire police are investigating.