Anger at Halloween vandalism rampage

Drink-driver fined £700

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TAXPAYERS will have to foot the clean-up cost after Halloween vandals went on the rampage in Horndean.

The offenders left a trail of damage at Jubilee Hall and the surrounding field – ripping up fences, spraying graffiti on to bricks and windows, and even digging up turf into what appears to be a grave.

Officials at Horndean Parish Council, which owns the site, said the cost could run into hundreds of pounds as they will have to call in extra help to clean up the mess.

Tracy Predeth, clerk to the council, said: ‘It’s disappointing. We are trying so hard to improve the facilities and something like this knocks us back.

‘Two of our lads spent all of yesterday trying to get the graffiti off the bricks. They can’t get it all off, so we are going to have to call in contractors.’

Horndean councillor Sara Schillemore said: ‘It’s appalling that kids find the need to do this sort of thing.

‘There’s a cost to the parish council and ultimately the taxpayer for cleaning it up.’

Police have been informed and are stepping up patrols.

Mrs Predeth added: ‘Maybe it’s a plea for local residents to patrol the area more.

‘The council hasn’t got money in the budget to think about CCTV, but maybe this is a measure we have to look into.

‘But people have to understand it could mean an increase in the precept.’