Anger at police's decision over boy hanging out taxi

SHOCKING footage of a boy hanging out of the rear window of a moving car has sparked an outcry '“ as police have said no action will be taken.

Friday, 25th March 2016, 6:01 am

Driving instructor Mike Light, 47, was teaching a student in Heritage Way, Gosport, when the rear-facing dashcam captured the video.

When the car drew closer and he stopped at traffic lights he turned around and saw that it was a young boy hanging out of the window.

Hampshire police’s Collision Assessment Team said no offence was committed and no action was taken.

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Brake – the road safety charity – said the boy should have been wearing a seat belt.

Mr Light, who has nine years of experience teaching drivers, said: ‘It was surprising but what’s more disgusting is the response from Hampshire police.

‘I didn’t expect anything else to be honest. He was hanging out the window, he could quite easily have fallen out.

‘I’m a driving instructor and trying to promote road safety, I’m passionate about it.’

He added: ‘How the police believe no action is warranted beggars belief.’

The March 14 incident shows a Vauxhall driving along with a boy sticking his head and part of his body out of the passenger side window.

It was recorded using kit from, a profit-making company, which has complained to police about their decision not to take action.

Matt Stockdale, firm chairman, said: ‘I am gravely concerned that Hampshire police do not recognise the significant danger to this poor child and that the driver at the time has not even received a warning – my concerns are that the deepening financial cuts are having dire consequences on the decisions being made by the police.’

Mark Hook, Gosport Borough Council leader, which is responsible for licensing taxis, wants police to hand over information so his officers can investigate.

‘If it was being used as a taxi you’d hope the driver wouldn’t allow that sort of thing,’ he said.

Alice Bailey, from Brake, said: ‘It’s very simple – seat belts save lives and allowing a child to sit in a car without the proper restraint is extremely dangerous.’

Hampshire police said it was not clear if the person was a child.

Decision letter: ‘No further police action will be taken’

THE letter police sent to Mike Light said officers had looked into the incident but were taking no action.

It said: ‘Police enquiries have now been completed and having regard to all the circumstances and the evidence available, it has been decided that no further police action will be taken.

‘Under our current policy, Hampshire Constabulary will not be investigating incidents of this nature unless there is a significant threat to public safety, or if the vehicle is a known repeat offender.

‘The vehicle details have been recorded and will be used for future intelligence purposes.’

The force has had £80m of cuts and lost hundreds of officers.