Angry man armed with baseball bat said ‘I’ll kill you’

  • Man angry over cat’s death wielded baseball bat for revenge
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AN ANGRY man who brandished a baseball bat and shouted at a man whose dog he thought had killed his cat has been jailed.

Robert Kiernander was captured on body-worn video by police shouting towards the dog owner’s flat while shirtless in the street.

Barry McElduff, prosecuting, told the court how Kiernander, 36, of Cornwallis Crescent in Portsmouth, was seen ‘displaying a great deal of anger’ after smashing a window pane at Northesk House.

Kiernander was shouting ‘you’ve taken my bird’ and ‘I’ll kill you, I’ll break all your bones.’

Sentencing at Portsmouth Crown Court, judge Roger Hetherington said: ‘On September 18, because of some background to do with a cat having been apparently killed by a dog, you being the person who had been looking after the cat, you became overwhelmed by your anger at the person you believed to be responsible for the dog’s behaviour.

‘You saw to exact some sort of revenge, first of all by damaging the glass panel on his door by using a baseball bat on that and, this part being captured on body-worn video, advancing on the block of flats and issuing threats to kill to the people occupying that flat.’

The judge jailed Kiernander for seven months. He was given five months for the offensive weapon, three months for threatening behaviour and a month for the damage, all to run concurrent to each other. He pleaded guilty to all charges.

He was given two months on top for breaching an earlier suspended sentence.

Sam Barker, defending, said Kiernander had tried to use lawful ways of dealing with the owner and the dog.

He said: ‘He contacted the RSPCA and since then the police have been called because that dog attacked another dog.’

He added: ‘The reason that he took that baseball bat was that he genuinely feared reprisal and had thought this dog was dangerous and he needed to do something about it.’

Mr Barker added Kiernander had mental health issues and did not direct his anger at anyone else.

Kiernander has nine previous convictions for 16 offences, including those he was sentenced for surrounding the baseball bat incident.