Angry son says mum was victim of conman

Richard Goodman
Richard Goodman
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AN angry son who says conman Paul Gaffney took nearly £2,000 from his mum believes more people could have been targeted by the ‘handyman’.

Richard Goodman, who lives in Portchester, thinks his late mum Joan paid Gaffney the money for two pieces of work which were never undertaken.

As reported in The News, Gaffney, of Park Grove in Cosham, was jailed for nine years for scams totalling £105,377.
Mr Goodman says his mum, who lived in Windsor Road before she had to move to a care home, had Gaffney recommended by one of her family members.

‘He was over twice. He did the roof first and then came back for the extension,’ he said.

‘She called him to fix a tile on the roof.

‘He charged £1,200 for the work and gave her a receipt on a scrap of paper.

‘The next time, he knocked on the door and said he needed to use the toilet. He said he lived down the road.

‘He came out of the toilet and told her “your roof is going to collapse on the extension”.

‘He came back and didn’t do anything to the roof.’

Mr Goodman, who is 64, said his mum kept money in the house and had the cash to hand when Gaffney asked to be paid.

He demanded £700 for work to the extension, which the family says was never needed, nor ever done.

‘We are really upset about it,’ he said.

‘Not long after that, she went into a care home. She fell over because she lost her confidence and went to hospital.

‘Whether that contributed to it or not I don’t know, but I don’t think it helped her.’

Joan died in March this year, aged 88.

‘I am trying to get the point across that this was never looked into by police and there could be other people out there,’ he said.

Gaffney targeted elderly people between March 2012 and April 2014.

Trading Standards and officers from Hampshire Constabulary worked together to secure his conviction.

Gaffney admitted 20 charges against him, which included fraud, aggressive commercial practice and theft.