Animal bones found at Langstone Harbour

M27. Picture: Malcolm Wells

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A FISHERMAN has spoken of his shock after he came across what he thought were human bones.

Keith Kennings, 29, had just spent the day fishing with his friends Gary Evans, 26, and Joel Rickards, 26, off a jetty at Langstone Harbour when he spotted something floating near the water’s edge.

On closer inspection he realised it was a collection of small bones.

Fearing for the worst he contacted 999 at 3.40pm on Thursday and a team of police detectives put the bones in bags and took them away for inspection. It has emerged the bones were of an animal.

It is unknown what type of animal it was or how it died.

Mr Kennings, of Clanfield, said: ‘We were just packing our stuff in the car when I looked back at the water. It was then that I spotted something and realised it was a collection of bones. I was shocked and it sent a shiver down my spine. I thought they were from a human. It wasn’t a nice thing to see.’

A police spokesman said: ‘Though the 999 call was made with good intentions we have since discovered that the bones are from an animal.’