Anti-social behaviour drop in city troublespot

Purse thief fined £100

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REPORTS of anti-social behaviour in a city troublespot have plummeted after police were given new powers.

Officers from Buckland Safer Neighbourhoods Team say a six-month dispersal order introduced in Fratton Road, Kingston Crescent, Mile End Road and Lake Road is already having an impact.

The order was put in place by the Safer Portsmouth Partnership on December 15.

It gives police officers and community support officers powers to move on groups of two or more people if they believe they are going to cause trouble.

Anyone who flouts the order faces a fine and up to three months in jail.

Latest figures show police received less than five reports of trouble in the area in the week before Christmas, compared to a high of 30 reports in the last week of October.

Safer Neighbourhoods Team Sergeant Stuart Snow said: ‘We have invested a great deal of time and effort in making the entire community aware of the dispersal order, particularly those involved in anti-social behaviour in the past.’