Appeal after distraction theft in Petersfield

WANTED An e-fit image of a man police want to speak to
WANTED An e-fit image of a man police want to speak to
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POLICE are hunting a man who stole £500 from a woman after obtaining her PIN number as she paid for her shopping.

Officers have released an e-fit of the suspect following the incident in Tesco, Causeway, Petersfield.

The 52-year-old woman had paid for her shopping and while she opened the passenger door of her car to put her handbag on the back seat, a man approached her and distracted her with a map asking for directions.

Soon after, she realised her purse had been opened and that her bank card was missing.

The victim reported the card as missing and discovered that two withdrawals of £250 had been made.

It is believed the man or an accomplice had watched her paying for her shopping.

The incident occurred between 11.30am and 11.45am on Sunday, February 3.

Call police on 101.