Appeal to find violent criminal on the run

WANTED Paul Heppenstall
WANTED Paul Heppenstall

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A CONVICTED criminal with a history of violence is being hunted by police.

Paul Joseph Heppenstall, 30, has been released from jail, but has broken the conditions of his release from prison.

Heppenstall, from Chichester, was convicted of grievous bodily harm and sentenced to five years in prison in May 2010 for attacking a member of the public on Eastern Road in Portsmouth in October 2009.

Police believe he is hiding somewhere in the Portsmouth area.

Detective Chief Inspector Ben Snuggs, of Hampshire Constabulary’s Public Protection Department, said: ‘Police are eager to return him to jail as he now continues to display a blatant disregard for the conditions of his release into the community.

‘Our current information suggests Mr Heppenstall does not pose an immediate threat to any particular members of the public. He is not accused or suspected of any other crimes, apart from breaching his prison release licence.

‘Nevertheless, due to his past behaviour, we would advise people against approaching him.’ Call 101.