Armed police rush to hoax gunman report in Langstone

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POLICE are warning about the dangers of hoax calls after a prankster falsely claimed a man was carrying a handgun down a road.

Armed police rushed to Langstone High Street, Langstone, after the call was made by someone from a telephone box on the road.

But when officers arrived at around 7pm on Friday night there was no sight of anyone with a weapon or the person who made the call.

Four officers scouted the area before leaving 15 minutes later.

Sergeant Derek Hibbard, of Hampshire Constabulary’s control room, said hoax calls are a continuous problem.

‘Hoax calls are always a problem and the ambulance service deal with them on a regular basis too.

‘Some people think it’s a good laugh to see police turn up to something which isn’t real.

‘It depletes our resources and takes police units away from other areas. This kind of thing also puts people’s lives at risk because we had to drive particularly fast to the scene because we thought there was a genuine incident.’

In a non-emergency call police on 101.

Anyone with information about an incident should contact Hampshire Constabulary on 0845 04504545 or use Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.