Artists band together for vandalised studio

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THE art community has banded together in a show of support to save a local art studio that has been vandalised.

Artists including M-one, My Dog Sighs, Donna Poingdestre, Korp, Midge and many more, have raised hundreds of pounds by setting up auctions of their work through social media to replace a smashed window panel at the Play Dead art and tattoo studio in Highland Road, Southsea.

Artists Angela Morgan, 32, left, and Sasha Damjanovic, 21 ''Picture: Sarah Standing (170266-7427)

Artists Angela Morgan, 32, left, and Sasha Damjanovic, 21 ''Picture: Sarah Standing (170266-7427)

Owner Samo White was contacted by neighbours of the studio in the early hours of Sunday when they heard the noise of the breaking glass.

Paul Stone, who paints as the internationally-renowned My Dog Sighs, said: ‘Samo is the epitome of a selfless and supportive person. The costs involved in replacing a large window like this could easily make the gallery go under and I think those that have been supported by Samo didn’t want that to happen.’

Portsmouth Yoga has created a similar auction, putting up a year’s worth of classes, which was sold for £200, in order to contribute to the costs. Lucy Barlow of Portsmouth Yoga, 39, said: ‘I got involved because Samo is a friend, I’ve seen them pour their heart and soul into creating a space that celebrates creativity and community.

‘Like me, Samo always supports local causes in any way they can, this was a chance to return the kindness.’

The window has been temporarily covered with chipboard, which Samo has invited people to decorate with new artwork.

Samo was initially worried that the total cost of the repairs could shut Play Dead down for good.

The 30-year-old said: ‘It’s been an emotional rollercoaster and I’m completely overwhelmed by the love and support from the community. I’m extremely thankful to everyone for the support.’

‘We were heartbroken when we found the block of wood through the window but we’re relieved that nothing was stolen and nothing inside the studio was damaged either.

‘We’re self-funded and we do this in our own time so we rely on support like this 
and to see it come in waves from so many people is stunning.’

To find out more about Play Dead, go to Facebook and Instagram at @playdeadstudio.