Asbo for drunk who terrorised Havant Park

ASBO John O'Sullivan
ASBO John O'Sullivan

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A DRUNK who has become a menace to society has been slapped with an anti-social behaviour order.

John O’Sullivan, 54, faces being arrested or even going to jail if he steps foot in Havant Park or is found drunk in any part of the Havant borough.

Over the last year he has terrorised the park with his anti-social behaviour.

O’Sullivan, of no fixed abode, has sworn at families using the play area, urinated in the park and threatened members of staff at shops in Market Parade.

Havant Park is used by hundreds of people of all ages as it has a skate park, tennis courts, a play area and is home to Havant Cricket Club.

PC David Lee, from Havant police station, said: ‘O’Sullivan has blighted the local area for over a year with his drink-related anti-social behaviour, which has included repeated swearing in front of members of the public including children, urinating in the park and threatening members of various staff in local stores.’

The court order, obtained from Fareham magistrates, means O’Sullivan is prohibited from entering Havant Park, from being drunk in public anywhere in the borough of Havant, from having in his possession open or closed containers of intoxicating liquor, and entering or remaining in any shop or commercial premises in Havant where he has been banned.

These conditions last for two years until October 17, 2013.

Local traders welcomed the Asbo.

A shop assistant at Forget-me-nots florists, in Market Parade, who did not want to be named, said: ‘He’s a pain.

‘He’s always in and out of Iceland which he is barred from.

‘I think it’s good.

‘If they are in the park drinking and there’s young children around they should be arrested, especially if they are causing trouble.

‘It makes Havant a bit more safe.’

David Guest, a ward councillor for Havant town centre, said: ‘It’s right and proper they should be reprimanded and whatever action should be taken.

‘I just find the whole thing intolerable.

‘It’s too important to allow it to be misused.’

PC Lee added: ‘This order is an indication of the robust approach that the local safer neighbourhood team is taking in tackling all forms of anti-social behaviour within St Faiths and any others who insist on acting in any such manner should be prepared to face the same action as taken here.’

If anyone sees O’Sullivan breaching his Asbo conditions they should contact police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.