Ashya King: Brother’s emotive YouTube video

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The brother of missing Portsmouth boy posted a YouTube video saying that all the family was praying for him.

Naveed King posted the video, which he called Diagnosed with Brain Tumour :(, on July 23.

Naveed King in his YouTube video

Naveed King in his YouTube video

In a message posted on YouTube, he said: ‘In case some of you don’t know my family that well. Ashya is my 5 year old brother who last night at around 11pm was diagnosed with a brain tumour and will be getting an emergency operation in the next 10 minutes.’

A major police hunt has been launched for five-year-old Ashya after his parents took him without consent from hospital and then board a Cherbourg-bound ferry in Portsmouth.

In the video, Naveed says: ‘Last night you were diagnosed with cancer. We all were panicking for you. They have had to do an emergency operation on your brain just to get the fluids out of your brain. They’re going to drill a whole at the back of your brain.

I haven’t slept anything really. I’ve been awake all night worrying and today dad came back and said you’re going to have to have an emergency operation in the next 10 to 15 minutes.

I just want to say we love you so much. We’re all here for you. Everyone is sending their love on Facebook. Everyone is praying for you. We just want to see your smile again.

No kid at the age of five deserves to have a brain tumour. I just hope that the doctors know what they’re doing and they know exactly where to operate and what to take out - and they take everything out and you can be better.

When you look back in 10 years time when you’re 15 you willactually see that things have changed for the better. And, just because they’re bad at one point, doesn’t mean they will always be bad.

Everyone is actually sending their love now. We love you so much and we’ll see you very soon. I love you so much, can’t wait to see you.’