Ashya’s parents speak of their relief after being freed

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THE parents of brain tumour patient Ashya King say they want to be reunited with their son ‘as soon as possible’.

Brett and Naghmeh King, of Southsea, were arrested on Saturday after they took five-year-old Ashya from Southampton General Hospital without the consent of doctors last Thursday.

Ashya King and his mum Naghmeh King

Ashya King and his mum Naghmeh King

After being released from the custody of Spanish police tonight, they said they were ‘relieved’ and ‘tired’. They walked free from Soto del Real prison near Madrid after British authorities dropped the case against them.

Mr King told reporters: ‘We’re very relieved to be free.’

Speaking in both Spanish and English he said: ‘We are very grateful to Spain for the support and help we have received.

‘We will go to see my son as soon as possible, we have been dying to see his face for so long.

‘Thank you to Spain for helping us and thank you to England too.’

He added: ‘I’m sorry we can’t say more, I’m very tired.’

Earlier tonight, their son Danny King spoke of his relief about the release.

Speaking to Sky News, he said: ‘I hope that no other family has to go through this again.

‘Ashya is a sick boy and needs his family.

‘Parents and families going through this should not have to go through the extra hassle of being arrested.’

Danny said he had been to see Ashya in hospital, but it had not been easy at first as the youngster was being guarded by police.

‘He was there by himself,’ said Danny.

‘Now he’s going to have his family with him.

‘We are just all thrilled.’

He added that Ashya ‘did not understand’ why his family left him in a country he was not used to.

But Danny said Ashya smiled when he saw him.

He said: ‘We want to get Ashya to Prague.

‘But first thing first, my parents have to see Ashya and get the family together again.

‘I have to talk to my parents and see what they want.

‘One of the most important things is organising with Prague to see when we can get Ashya there.’

The Kings were held in Madrid while their son receives treatment at a hospital 330 miles away in Malaga.

The family are seeking proton beam therapy from a hospital in Prague in order to treat the brain tumour.