Authorities blasted for failing to tackle Portsmouth's yearly problem of youths running riot around the harbour

AUTHORITIES have been blasted for ‘not having clear plans’ on how to deal with the perennial problem of feral youths running riot in Old Portsmouth.

By Tom Cotterill
Monday, 27th June 2022, 6:12 pm

Portsmouth South MP Stephen Morgan has today lashed out for the lack of action in combating anti-social behaviour in and around The Camber.

It comes a week after police were called in to disperse more than 100 youths causing ‘mayhem’ around the Ben Ainslie building.

As previously reported, yobs were seen risking their lives by tombstoning 25ft from a crane. There were also reports of drug-taking by children, vandalism and other loutish behaviour.

A teenager is pictured leaping from a crane in The Camber last Tuesday.

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Speaking to The News, Mr Morgan said he ‘shared’ concerns of city residents and added: ‘Sadly this is something the local community have had to deal with for far too long.

'Authorities know this happens every year once the weather improves, but we still don’t have a clear plan to prevent dangerous scenes like this from happening. Local services need to continue to work together to prevent incidents and plan longer term to find solutions which work.

‘I hear constituents when they call on the council and police to use all the powers available to them as well as ensuring affordable activities for young people during the holidays, and a greater police presence. I will continue to lobby authorities to take these actions.

‘Sadly the situation is made worse by choices made by this government and the unfair funding our constabulary receives from ministers. That’s why I will continue to call for more bobbies on the beat in our city.’