Authority gets tough with drivers misusing badges

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ALMOST ten per cent of blue badges checked during an enforcement operation were confiscated.

A crackdown by Hampshire County Council saw the inspection of 500 blue badges, which give parking concessions to disabled people.

Forty-nine badges had to be confiscated because they were either being misused or had expired.

One of the enforcement operations was in Havant and Fareham and eight badges were taken away.

Councillor Roy Perry, leader of the county council, said: ‘As the issuing authority for blue badges in Hampshire, it is important that we take action against people misusing blue badges. By carrying out enforcement operations such as these, our main objective is to make people aware that blue badge misuse is not a victimless crime.

‘Drivers who are misusing or abusing the system are taking spaces away from those who genuinely need them.

‘Residents with disabilities rely on blue badges to provide essential access to the places they need to go, and we will continue to pursue those who deliberately put disabled people at a disadvantage by flouting the law.

He added: ‘My twin brother spent the last 12 months of his life confined to a wheelchair. The one thing that really got him angry was unentitled people using a disabled bay – often excusing themselves they were only going to be a couple of minutes.’