Balaclava-wearing man flashes Portsmouth schoolchildren for second time in six days

The child play area park at Baffins Pond
The child play area park at Baffins Pond
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POLICE have revealed details of a second occasion when a balaclava-wearing man exposed himself to children in Portsmouth.

Yesterday a group of children were walking past Baffins Pond at about 6pm when they saw a man exposing himself.

He ran off towards Hayling Avenue.

It is the second incident to be reported in Baffins in six days.

The first incident - as previously reported - took place at around 3.20pm on Friday, April 20 – when a group of three schoolgirls walked past a man at the Great Salterns Recreation Ground who was indecently exposing himself.

The girls ran out of the park.

In both instances, the man was wearing a balaclava – he did not speak to the children or approach them.

It is not currently known if it was the same man in both incidents.

Police have urged parents to ensure that children are aware not to talk to strangers and that they walk home with friends or a trusted adult.

Anyone with information on either of these incidents is can call 101, quoting the crime reference number 44180154294.