Bank fraudsters swindle 85-year-old Portsmouth man

A woman has reported being raped in Worthing in the early hours of March 22
A woman has reported being raped in Worthing in the early hours of March 22
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Fraudsters pretending to work for a bank stole an 85-year-old Portsmouth man’s savings in an elaborate sting.

The pensioner, who lives in St Helen’s Parade in Southsea, was swindled out of a ‘significant amount of money’ when he was contacted by someone pretending to be from his bank.

Police say that in the incident on Friday, March 13 between 3.30pm and 4.30pm, the man was told on the phone by a woman that he needed a new bank card.

A man later arrived at his door and collected his card.

Crime prevention advisor Sarah Cohen said: ‘This type of fraud against vulnerable people is cruel and swift.

‘The key message is never to give your card to anyone, never give your pin number to anyone, and never agree to visit your bank to take out cash if someone calls you to tell you there is a problem with your bank account.

‘If you are telephoned, hang up, wait five minutes and call police on 101 or your bank on the telephone number provided on your card, not a number you have been given over the telephone.

‘Ensure there is a dial tone on your phone first before you call, or better still, call from a friend’s house or mobile.

‘This is because the telephone line sometimes remains open as the person who called you does not hang up, and you are still connected to the person trying to trick you.

‘Please share this message with older or vulnerable family and friends.’

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