Bar yobs are sent a Christmas card telling them: behave

FESTIVE The card police are sending to troublemakers in Portsmouth
FESTIVE The card police are sending to troublemakers in Portsmouth
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TROUBLEMAKERS banned from Portsmouth’s bars are being sent cards warning them to stay away this Christmas.

Drinkers who received a year-long ban from bars signed up to the Portsmouth Business Crime Reduction Partnership can expect a card to land on their doorstep.

And yobs with an exclusion order imposed by the courts after receiving a criminal conviction will also receive the notice.

Those who flout the ban imposed by the courts could face arrest.

The cards contain a picture of a turkey and the words ‘Don’t be a turkey this Christmas’.

Inside they explain why the card has been sent, and reads: ‘This Christmas and New Year, the police and Portsmouth City Council will be working with licensees to reduce alcohol-related disorder. The intention is to ensure a safe and violence-free festive season for everyone.

‘Your actions this year have led to you being unable to enjoy the Christmas spirit with your friends in these popular bars and clubs.

‘Local officers and door staff know who you are and will be actively ensuring you do not breach this ban, so please don’t risk a further period of exclusion, and don’t attempt to use the pubs and clubs from which you have been banned.’

The cards are being sent out with the backing of Hampshire police and the Safer Portsmouth Partnership in a bid to reduce alcohol-fuelled trouble over the Christmas period.

San Van, night-time economy officer for at the city council, said: ‘You can be banned from a licensed premises or an area as an individual but because of works parties, meeting up with friends and reunions at Christmas there is more likelihood that somebody might try again to get in to a premises they are banned from.’

Neeta Dhorajia, crime manager from the business partnership, said: ‘The cards are a reminder to let all the people who are banned from pubs and clubs who are members of the partnership know that we are watching them – and we are not going to stand for bad behaviour.

‘People might get a bit relaxed at Christmas and this is a reminder for them not to do it.

‘If you cause trouble in one of the venues everyone on the radio link will know about it. Everyone will know who you are and what you are doing – so don’t.’