Barman feared he would go blind after horrific knuckleduster attack at Halloween party

  • Portsmouth barman feared he’d lose sight in one eye after assailant punches him with knuckleduster
  • Assailant knew the 28-year-old victim
  • Police investigation launched into the attack

A BARMAN feared he would go blind in one eye after he was attacked by a man with a knuckleduster in a horrific pub assault.

Josh Andrews was working behind the bar at The Mother Shipton during its Halloween party when he was badly beaten to the floor by an assailant.

Josh Andrews, 28, of Strode Road, Stamshaw who was punched with a knuckle-duster at a Halloween party at the Mother Shipton pub

The attacker fled following the assault on Saturday night.

His 28-year-old victim was left covered in blood and had to undergo an emergency operation to save the sight in his right eye.

The assault occurred after Josh stepped back in to the pub – where he works occasional shifts – in Twyford Avenue, Stamshaw after taking a cigarette break.

‘I remember hearing a noise behind me and then feeling the punch whip around the side and gouge into my right eye,’ Josh told The News.

I saw red straight away and there was blood pouring everywhere

Josh Andrews, barman

‘I saw red straight away and there was blood pouring everywhere.

‘I fell to the floor and put my arms up to defend myself.

‘There were a lot of people dancing around me, so I do not think they realised what had happened at first.

‘He started stamping on me and it was then that people grabbed hold of him.

Police cordoned off the Mother Shipton pub in Stamshaw after a man was attacked at a halloween party

‘It wasn’t long before he was running out of the door.

‘People told me that my eyes was nearly as big as half my face.

‘I thought I would go blind in the eye.’

Helped by partygoers, Josh was able to get to the Queen Alexandra Hospital in Cosham in an ambulance.

He was told that he had an orbital flow fracture and needed to have an urgent lateral canthotomy in order to relieve the growing pressure of blood behind his right eye. If the operation hadn’t taken place, he could have lost sight in the eye.

‘I was in agony,’ Josh added. ‘There was blood all over my clothes and I could not feel half of my face. I started thinking about what people were going to think when they saw me, like my nephews, and whether it would scare them away.’

Following the emergency operation, Josh was given a bed for the night, though he ‘only got two hours sleep’ due to the pain.

He will return to the hospital this morning to see an eye specialist and will have to undergo another operation on Friday to secure his eye for the long-term.

Andrea Best, landlady of the pub, said: ‘Josh’s injuries looked really serious when it happened. We all tried to help him out and put him in the recovery position until the ambulance got here.

‘It was shocking and it really should not have happened. I just really hope he will be okay. We are looking out for his welfare right now.’

Police arrived at 5.45pm and cordoned off the pub for the rest of the evening.

A force spokesman said: ‘A 28-year-old man sustained facial injuries and was taken to the Queen Alexandra Hospital. His injures are described as serious, not life-threatening.

‘An investigation has begun to establish the full circumstances of what took place.

‘Anyone with any information, should contact 101, quoting 44170419584.’

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