‘Beer run’ joyriders sent to jail

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  • Pair sped between 60-70mph through residential streets in Havant
  • They threw bottles out the window in bid to distract police in pursuit
  • Judge jails them for 16 months and says: ‘Back to Winchester’
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TWO joyriders are today behind bars after leading police on a 70mph chase through residential streets.

Liam Elston (left) and Louis Bibby were on a ‘beer run’ from a party when they sparked a 10-minute police chase.

As the pursuit was going on the officers described items, plastic bags, bottles, being thrown out the windows

Prosecutor Tom Wright

The pair had gone to a petrol station in Rowlands Castle and made off without paying, but then sped off when officers arrived.

Tom Wright, prosecuting, said the pair had taken the keys, with Elston driving, and even went round a roundabout the wrong way.

He added that the pair went round sharp bends without any consideration.

He said: ‘As the pursuit was going on the officers described items, plastic bags and bottles, being thrown out of the windows.

‘The officers deemed that as some sort of distraction.’

He added: ‘Mercifully because of the time of night and happenstance there were no other vehicles that came into contact.’

He added: ‘It was really only the levels of traffic that avoided any accident.’

Portsmouth Crown Court heard the pair evaded police and were arrested later after they were identified on CCTV at the petrol station in Whichers Gate Road.

The pair had sped along streets in Havant in the early hours of May 19 after taking a van with its keys left in it.

They sped through Middle Park Way, Stockheath Lane, Purbrook Way, Botley Drive, Selbourne Avenue and Woolston Road in Havant.

The van was found abandoned the next day.

Passenger Bibby, 23, of Windsor Close, Hayling Island, admitted aggravated vehicle taking and making off without payment.

He had taken a legal high, called spice, before joining Elston in the van.

Driver Elston, 26, of Ashley Close, Leigh Park, admitted the same charges and driving without a licence and driving without insurance.

Both have records and were recalled on licence to prison when they were arrested in May, with Elston having aggravated vehicle taking convictions in 2006 and 2007.

Bibby has 33 previous convictions and was jailed for four years for aggravated vehicle taking in 2011.

Recorder Nicholas Atkinson QC sentenced them both to 16 months in jail.

He said: ‘Everything about both your records suggests that you will get into trouble again but you know there comes a time, and you may think mid-30s it’s about time, it gets to you. You’ve got to break the cycle.

‘As long as you’re appearing in a dock in a court like this there will be someone sitting here sending you away again.’

Both were disqualified from driving and must take an extended retest.

Robert Forrest, defending Bibby, said: ‘You will see that this defendant started offending as soon as he was legally able to as his first conviction aged 10 for burglary.’

He said Bibby’s offending ‘came to a head’ in 2011.

Matthew Jewell, defending Elston, said he had a number of issues identified while on the health wing at the prison.

As he sent them to jail, Mr Atkinson said: ‘Back to Winchester.’

The pair were jailed on July 24.