Ben Moynihan’s victims tell of their ordeals

Victims of Ben Moynihan have told of their trauma
Victims of Ben Moynihan have told of their trauma
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Two women stabbed by Portsmouth teenager Ben Moynihan today told how the attacks had devastated their lives.

The victims have released statements to the police following the sentencing of Moynihan to 21 years in jail.

His first victim, 20, said: ‘In the days and weeks immediately after the attack I felt very scared.

‘I couldn’t go out on my own, I just wanted to stay inside.

‘There is also the physical pain of the injury. I have been suffering with chest pains which I am receiving treatment for and may be as a result of psychological trauma.

Hopefully he gets the help that is needed mentally. I often get flashbaks of that dreadful night and when I’m walking alone I have to keep looking back behind me just in case someone is there.

‘I don’t trust stangers - I often look at where their hands are placed.

‘Once he is behind bars I’ll finally be able to relax.’

Moynihan’s third victim, 67, said: ‘Day to day activities such as putting the bins out and popping to the shops are an ordeal.

‘I used to be a confident public speaker as part of my work, but I feel I will never be able to go this again.

‘My life was completely turned upside down. I did not ask for this change, it was forced upon me by my attacker.

Seeing Ben Moynihan brought to justice brings some degree of relief.

‘I hope he gets the help he so obviously needs.

‘With the help of my family and friends I will, in the fullness of time, to be able to move on, but it will not be easy.’