Bike secure? Spot the error!

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  • Hampshire Police post picture of insecure cycle
  • Force turns to Twitter to spread anti-theft message
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Police gently rebuked a bike owner as part of their continuing effort to reduce cycle thefts.

Officers in Portsmouth posted a picture on Twitter showing a bike left by someone who had bought a secure D-lock - but had not fully thought through how to use it.

Police who spotted the bike presumably felt that securing it to such a short pole would make it easy just to lift the cycle, lock and all, and make off with it.

Commenting ‘Spot the error!’ officers highlighted the picture to the Twitter account @_youhadonejob which pokes fun of tasks that have not been carried out properly.

Police have issued detailed advice to bike owners in a bid to cut back on the number of thefts in the Portsmouth area.

They regularly reveal statistics showing there are scores of thefts every month and initiatives included a contest to win a free D-lock held in conjunction with The News.