Bike security warning after spate of Portsmouth thefts

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CYCLISTS who take their bike to the Mountbatten Centre in Portsmouth are being urged by police to ensure they lock it up properly.

The warning comes as officers report an increase in bike theft outside the sports complex, just days after the theft of 15-year-old Joe Stevens’ expensive Carrera.

The youngster from North End had saved up his birthday and Christmas money to buy the bike, as previously reported in The News.

Although Joe got his bike back, police are aware that not everyone is so lucky and advise securing a bike with a D-style lock.

Hilsea Safer Neighbourhoods Sergeant Emma Hart said: ‘The number of reports of thefts of bikes from the Mountbatten Centre is increasing.

‘We always advise cyclists to invest in a good-quality lock for their bikes and always remember to lock it up, even if you are only leaving it for a few minutes.

‘Make the bike difficult to manoeuvre when it’s locked up and if you have quick release wheels lock them up too or take them with you.

‘It’s also a good idea to identify and register your bike with schemes such as Immobilise or Bike Register.

‘Your Safer Neighbourhoods team can security mark your bike for free, issue a cycle passport to record its details, and provide further security advice.’

For more call police on 101 or 0845 045 4545.