Bikers are stopped for wrong helmets in West Sussex

Mark Clutterbrook in 2015

Man gives judge the thumbs-up after being sentenced for handling stolen goods

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POLICE are warning motorbike riders to be aware of pedal cycle helmets being missold as motorcycle helmets.

The warning comes after riders have been stopped for wearing pedal cycle helmets on motorbikes.

Sergeant Phil Duffy, from Sussex Road Policing Unit said: ‘These helmets do not offer the level of protection required by law and riders wearing them who end up in a collision could be killed or seriously injured as a result.

‘If you do purchase a motorcycle helmet from an online auction site, or any other source, you must ensure that it is fit for purpose.’

Neil Hopkins, from Sussex Safer Roads Partnership, said: ‘We support Sussex Police in their bid to make motorcycle riders aware of the dangers of these mis-sold helmets.

‘ECE approved helmets can be identified by a capital E within a circle, accompanied by a six figure approval number starting 05.

‘The approval marks may be located inside the helmet, normally a sticker underneath the lining or sewn on to the strap.’