'Binge-drinking' racist jailed for headbutting police officer and assaulting two women after failed date in Portsmouth

The Hard in Portsmouth
The Hard in Portsmouth
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A ‘BINGE-DRINKING’ racist who headbutted a police officer, dented his car and assaulted two female bystanders after a failed date spiralled into ‘mayhem’ has been jailed for 20 weeks.

Alicia Newman, 20, pleaded guilty to the assaults as her mum watched on from the public gallery at Portsmouth Magistrates Court. 

‘Chaos’ unfolded on June 8 after Newman, of Highfield Avenue, Fareham, downed back-to-back cocktails on a date near The Hard, Portsea. 

The court heard the man she was meeting left the bar ‘upset’ after she got a text message from her ex-partner. 

But as Newman got into a taxi to go home, a spat erupted when the driver said he was unable to take card payments. 

Graham Hopley, mitigating, said: ‘The taxi driver shouted “help, get her out of my taxi”. 

‘Two ladies did then try to remove her from the taxi.’ 

The first was left with an ‘excruciatingly painful' black eye after Newman punched her in the face. 

She then tugged the hair of the second woman so hard it was pulled out in clumps.

The court heard when police arrived she headbutted officer Matthew McNeil in the face as he tried to restrain her. 

The policeman was left with a swollen lip, ripped trousers and a dent in his car after Newman dealt it a ‘heavy' kick during the struggle. 

Mr Hopley said Newman, a ‘binge-drinking’ Costa Coffee supervisor, later recalled an ‘altercation' but ‘could not remember the details' of it as she admitted another charge of criminal damage. 

‘She does not go out very often, but when she does there’s mayhem,' he said. 

‘She is not trying to wriggle out of this and she says she is sorry.’ 

Magistrate Peter Mellor yesterday heard the incidents breached Newman's conditional discharge after two previous convictions in January and February. 

The second, said prosecutor Graham Heath, saw her shout “Muslims shouldn’t be here" at a group of Asian men outside a city nightclub. 

Newman wept and shrieked “I love you mum” as she was taken downstairs by security after being sentenced. 

Mr Mellor said he was 'amazed’ at the severity of Newman’s attacks. 

She must also pay a £115 victim surcharge.