Bishop’s Waltham TV star Amanda Holden is home after difficult childbirth

DISCHARGED Amanda Holden
DISCHARGED Amanda Holden
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HAMPSHIRE TV star Amanda Holden has been discharged from hospital after her life-threatening childbirth ordeal and is now recovering at home.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge, who hails from Bishop’s Waltham, is said to be thrilled to be back at her home in south-west London with new daughter Hollie.

Holden, 40, was in intensive care for several days after giving birth eight days ago.

Her return home was confirmed by her spokeswoman, Alison Griffin.

Holden and her husband, Chris Hughes, a record producer, have expressed their gratitude to medical staff for her care.

The TV star is understood to have had a blood transfusion due to complications with the caesarean birth, although the couple have not given any details.

Hollie weighed in at just over 6lb and was said to be healthy. The couple already had one daughter, Lexi.