‘Bizarre’ burglary as victims asked ‘where’s my son?’

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  • Burglar put his head through bedroom window to ask where his son was
  • Judge brands Ashley Martin’s actions as ‘bizarre’
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A BURGLAR who popped his head through a sleeping woman’s bedroom window and asked ‘is my son there?’ has been jailed.

Schizophrenic Ashley Martin, 34, was suffering from poor mental health when he tried to find his son – who was 140 miles away in Hereford with his mother.

They were bizarre offences which don’t fall into the usual pattern of burglary offences at all

Judge Roger Hetherington

Portsmouth Crown Court was told Martin, formerly of Delphi Way, Waterlooville, attempted to burgle two homes and actually got into one in the early hours of June 27, 2014.

Tim Dracass, prosecuting, told how Martin was spotted by a cleaner in the Phoenix Centre, Crookhorn Lane, Waterlooville, at about 1am.

‘She said he was inside the entrance area having forced open the locked outer door,’ said Mr Dracass.

‘She challenged the defendant and his response was “are you open?” and making reference to needing a taxi and thereafter left the scene.

A man fitting his description, wearing a white cap, was seen near a bus stop.

But then Martin attempted to burgle another home, occupied by a woman and her children, at 4.30am.

Mr Dracass added: ‘She describes being half asleep then hearing a loud bang.

‘Then she heard a noise and door frame being forced.

‘She could hear the keys in her back door jangling.’

She went to see what happened and Martin, dressed in a grey tracksuit, made off.

The final offence was at 6.20am when Martin targeted another home where a woman in her bedroom was woken by a noise.

‘She was aware of movement outside her bedroom window on the porch roof,’ Mr Dracass said.

‘Her bedroom window was slightly open, she was aware of the window being forced further open.

‘She made a noise to alert the defendant.

‘The defendant responded by saying “is my son here?”.

‘She replied in stern words “no”, he said “are you sure? I have been told he’s here”.

‘She said “no” and with that the defendant removed himself from the window.’

Police were called and Martin was stopped in Delphi Way before then running off with police chasing him to Hector Close.

Jailing him for eight months, after Martin pleaded guilty, Judge Roger Hetherington said: ‘They were bizarre offences which don’t fall into the usual pattern of burglary offences at all.’