Body in a bag trial: Hilder weeps as he says he can’t remember killing Guy

PROBE Police at the crime scene in Richmond Road, Southsea.
PROBE Police at the crime scene in Richmond Road, Southsea.
Police outside student accommodation in Stanhope Road, Portsmouth on Friday Picture Ben Fishwick

Man arrested in Portsmouth explosives probe at Stanhope Road student block is released by police

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‘I hope to god I never did anything to him.’

Those the words spoken by David Hilder as he was quizzed by police the day after a torso was found in a bin liner on Southsea beach.

A jury at Winchester Crown Court was shown video footage of the police interviews.

Looking exhausted, unshaven, and dishevelled, Hilder wept several times during his first interview with detectives at Waterlooville police station.

When asked by Detective Constable Nicky Cupper what his involvement was in the death of David Guy, Hilder said: ‘I don’t think I did it.’

But in a fifth police interview on the same day, July 6 last year, Hilder appeared more calm and was shown a photograph of Mr Guy.

He paused for a moment and when asked by police what he was thinking, Hilder said: ‘I hope to god I never did anything to him - because I can’t remember anything.’

Detectives questioned Hilder, turning up at Shoreham police station the previous day, and saying he might have killed someone.

Hilder said he was hallucinating after taking an overdose of painkillers.

He said: ‘It could have just been the drugs.’

When asked about Mr Guy, Hilder said: ‘We had a bit of a fallout the week previously because he upped and disappeared and left a small black cat.

‘I had been paying for its food.

‘I told him “you better sort your life out because you’re an idiot to yourself”.’

The scrap metal dealer recalled going to a pub in Albert Road, Southsea on his own a few days before the interview.

He remembered having a beer and then collapsing outside ‘with the pavement spinning’ around him.

He described the last time he saw Mr Guy and they were sitting in Hilder’s pick-up truck at Richmond Road, Southsea.

Hilder said: ‘He was drunk.

‘I said to him “simmer down, get your head together, and move on”.’

He said he was worried Mr Guy would get ‘gobby’ with some boys playing football nearby.

Hilder said he did not know anything about disposing a body or where the body parts were.

The prosecution say Hilder, 47, of Richmond Road, Southsea, dismembered 30-year-old Mr Guy - who lived in a campervan in the same road - and dumped body parts round the city.

Hilder denies murder.