Body in a bag trial: Murder victim’s blood was found in suspect’s flat

MURDER PROBE Police searching David Hilder's flat during the investigation into the death of David Guy
MURDER PROBE Police searching David Hilder's flat during the investigation into the death of David Guy
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BLOOD and DNA matching that of a man whose torso was found on Southsea beach was detected at his alleged killer’s flat, a court has heard.

A forensic scientist told the jury in the trial of David Hilder, who is accused of the murder of David Guy, that the chance the DNA came from someone other than Mr Guy was one in a billion.

Crime scene investigators took numerous swabs from Hilder’s flat in Richmond Road, Southsea, in the days after the 47-year-old’s arrest on July 5 last year.

Several swabs taken from the bathroom of the flat tested positive when the LCV chemical test – a way of checking for blood – was applied to them.

When further tests were carried out, they were found to contain the DNA components of both Mr Guy and Hilder, with the majority coming from Mr Guy.

Giving evidence about a swab taken from the bathroom floor, forensic scientist Rebecca Mayfield said: ‘The clear majority of the contributory DNA was a full profile match to the profile of David Guy.

‘The estimated probability of obtaining DNA not from David Guy, or someone from his family, is less than one in billion.

When asked if Mr Guy had been cut up in the bathroom, Miss Mayfield said: ‘If Mr Guy had been cut up in the bathroom I may have expected more LCV chemical reactions than were detected. However, I can’t completely exclude this possibility.’

Miss Mayfield added that it was not possible to establish whether the blood was the result of Mr Guy, 30, being cut up there, or from an earlier occasion when Hilder says Mr Guy bled in his flat.

She explained that it is not possible to test how long the traces of blood had been there.

The court also heard how some areas of the flat’s bathroom and hallway appeared to have been recently repainted and the chemical test would not be able to detect whether there was any blood under the paint.

Hilder denies killing and dismembering his friend between June 30 and July 3 last year and disposing of the body parts around the city.



DAVID Hilder was quizzed about his relationship with David Guy, the man he is accused of killing, on the final day he was interviewed by police.

The jury at Winchester Crown Court was shown video extracts and read summaries of the interviews that took place on July 9 last year at Waterlooville police station.

Officers could be seen asking Hilder: ‘Were you more than friends?’ and ‘You cared for him?’

Hilder, who appeared tired and unkempt, said: ‘We were mates. I would let him borrow clothes and that because he didn’t have money like me.’

He also denied being jealous of the younger man’s relationship with his new girlfriend, Samantha Ray.

He admitted feeling guilty for giving Mr Guy a black eye during a recent argument but repeatedly said he had ‘no recollection of killing him’.