Body in a bag trial: Victim’s girlfriend had angry confrontation with accused

PROBE 'Police officers investigate the crime scene in Richmond Road Southsea.
PROBE 'Police officers investigate the crime scene in Richmond Road Southsea.
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THE girlfriend of the body in a bag murder victim David Guy had an angry exchange with the man accused of killing him just weeks before his death.

David Hilder, 47, is accused of butchering David Guy at some point between June 30 and July 3 last year.

Today Mr Guy’s girlfriend Samantha Wray took the witness stand at Winchester Crown Court.

She said they had been a couple since Spring 2012 and had originally met in Victoria Park, Portsmouth where she and her friends would meet up to drink alcohol on a Monday morning.

At the second meeting at a friend’s barbeque Miss Ray said in her police statement that Mr Guy had ‘declared his undying love for me’.

She described Mr Guy as ‘polite and sweet’ when he was drunk.

The court heard that a few weeks before he died Mr Guy turned up at his girlfriend’s home with a black eye which he said Mr Hilder had given him.

The couple then went to Mr Guy’s home, a camper van on the White Heather Transport complex in Richmond Road, Southsea.

And it was then that Mr Hilder approached them.

Miss Wray told the court: ‘He looked quite angry. He said where is the cat? His tone of voice was cross. I replied saying basically “you think you’re hard” because there was nothing of David Guy. He was quite frail.

‘I said: “You think you’re hard do you? Do you want to have a pop at me?” with that he rode off on his bike.’

Earlier the court heard from Robert Skerratt who works at the White Heather Transport complex and knew both men.

He said that Hilder, who is known as Digger, was kind to Mr Guy and looked after him.

He said: ‘Digger was almost like his dad. When he stepped out of line Digger would pick him up and give him a good shake. He did not get on with his parents very well. He (Hilder) kept him in line.

‘Trucker (Mr Guy) was a drunk. But they got on very very well.’

The trial continues.