Brazen thief pushed Portsmouth family to breaking point

Police outside Wilmcote House, Portsmouth

Residents had to be signed in to Portsmouth flat block after police incident

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THE owner of a family-run shop has told of her ordeal after an employee gave away tens of thousands of pounds of goods.

Stacey Lajoie, 30, of Lake Road, Portsmouth had worked at the nearby Falcon News for 11 years and pleaded guilty to theft.

Linda Sood and her son Harmeet, who run Falcon News

Linda Sood and her son Harmeet, who run Falcon News

Now, her former boss, Linda Sood, has told how Lajoie’s crimes pushed the family to breaking point.

‘We couldn’t pay our bills, our rent, our rates – the tax people,’ she said.

‘There were arguments at home about where the money was going missing - It had a great impact on us.’

She added that she ‘hadn’t lost faith in humanity’ but said: ‘I think she should be locked up for life.

‘I think they should do what they do in other countries and chop her hands off because she knew what she was doing.’

Lajoie is due to be sentenced on March 11.