Brothel pair who made £90,000 must pay just £1

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FREE Lorraine Brett
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A COUPLE who made more than £90,000 running a brothel from a council flat have been ordered to repay just £1 each.

Daryl and Lorraine Brett had 10 women on the books of the escort agency they ran from the flat at William Booth House, Queen Street, Portsmouth.

Daryl Brett

Daryl Brett

Over two years Courtesan Escorts made nearly £350,000 before it was shut down by police.

In that time Daryl, 47, made £80,533 profit, while 37-year-old Lorraine earned £10,000.

The rest of the cash went to the prostitutes.

The pair were given community orders in October with the judge saying he was only taking the ‘exceptionally lenient’ action as he was confident the Crown was going to try to get all of the money back.

But when brought back to court under the Proceeds of Crime Act, they were only asked to pay back £1.

Portsmouth Crown Court heard that as neither of the Bretts, who have since split, had any assets such as property or savings, they could not pay up.

Judge Graham White said: ‘In respect of Daryl Brett I declare the amount derived is £80,533.

‘There are no available assets so I direct a confiscation order in the nominal sum of £1 with 28 days to pay and one day’s imprisonment in default.

‘As far as Lorraine Brett is concerned, I declare that the amount of benefit is £10,000.

‘Again there are no available assets and so the confiscation order I make is £1 to be paid within 28 days with one day’s imprisonment in default.’

But the judge warned the pair that if they come into money in the future they may still have to pay more.

He said: ‘That doesn’t mean it has been wiped off the map.

‘The amounts that have been declared remain available should your financial positions change.

‘If at any time in the future your position as far as assets are concerned improves then the prosecution may come back to court and confiscation figures of anything up to these amounts may be made. That lasts for life.’

Daryl Brett, of Walmer Road, Fratton, had previously admitted controlling prostitution for gain and possessing or using criminal property.

Lorraine Brett, of Herbert Road, Southsea, admitted aiding and abetting the controlling of prostitution.

Both were given a 12-month community order. Daryl Brett was also ordered to do 300 hours of community service, while Lorraine Brett was handed just 40 hours because she was pregnant and due to give birth.

Councillor for the Charles Dickens ward, Steven Wylie, said the people who live near the brothel had a right to expect more of a punishment.

He said: ‘I would ask the judge to come down to the local area and see what they had to put up with.

‘Now it just seems like you can do something wrong but don’t have to pay for it.’