Brother’s tears as he recalls crash that killed sister

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A BROTHER broke down in tears at the inquest after reliving the crash that killed his sister.

At an emotional hearing at Portsmouth Guildhall, Brian Baker said he wished he could remember more of the accident that killed 25-year-old Gillian Baker.

In August 2012, Gillian, from Farlington, and her brother were heading north on the A3 when the car she was driving crashed into the central reservation near the Buriton exit.

The car was in the right-hand lane and moved slightly to the left and then to the right.

It then swerved into the left-hand lane and into the nearside barrier, before rolling across two lanes and into the central reservation and landing on the driver’s door.

Gillian died 10 days later from head injuries at Southampton General Hospital.

During the inquest, Hampshire coroner David Horsley spoke to Mr Baker about what he could remember of the incident.

Mr Baker revealed that his sister wasn’t a confident driver.

He also said that he cannot think of anything from the day that might have caused the car to crash.

The 34-year-old said: ‘We were only driving about 60mph and Gillian wasn’t using her phone or smoking because she didn’t like driving so her concentration was always on the road.

‘I just remember the car swerving violently to the left and that’s when I knew something was wrong.

‘I wish I could remember more so that we might know what caused the crash.’

David Horsley also spoke to collision investigator, PC Edward Wilson. But after more than an hour discussing the accident, a definitive reason as to why the car crashed was not established.

PC Wilson said: ‘From evidence at the scene and eye witness accounts, we understand the accident occurred on a clear day with little wind.

‘We ran tests on the road surface and there was no evidence that it could have contributed to the death of Miss Baker.

‘Tests on the car showed the tyres were inflated more than the recommended pressure which can cause steering to become exaggerated at fast speeds.’

In his conclusion, David Horsley said: ‘I have to rule Gillian’s death as a tragic accident.

‘There are many factors that could have contributed to the accident and there was nothing she could have done to prevent it.’