Brothers from Portsmouth are jailed for plotting terrorist acts

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TWO brothers from Portsmouth have been jailed for six years each after being found guilty of preparing terrorist acts.

Tuhin Shahensha, 26, and Mustakim Jaman, 23, both of Hudson Road, Somers Town, Portsmouth, were convicted at Kingston Crown Court today.

Mustakim Jaman and Tuhin Shahensha

Mustakim Jaman and Tuhin Shahensha

The pair are the brothers of Ifthekar Jaman, 23, from Hudson Road, Somers Town, who died fighting with Isil in Syria after travelling to the country in 2013.

Shahensha and Jaman were convicted after a trial following an investigation by the South East Counter Terrorism Unit (SECTU).

The court heard both Shahensha and Jaman provided assistance to others to travel to Syria and made their bank accounts available to facilitate the transfer of money for terrorist purposes.

Shahensha bought equipment and clothing and made plans to travel to Syria and engage in acts of terrorism, the court heard.

The men were arrested in October last year by SECTU officers.

An Isis flag was found in their Somers Town home during a police raid

Shahensha was sentenced to six years for preparing terrorist acts and six years for preparing to travel.

The sentences will run concurrently.

Jaman was sentenced to six years for preparing terrorist acts.

He will serve two months concurrently for possessing an electronic device in prison.

Councillor Donna Jones, leader of Portsmouth City Council, welcomed the jail sentences tonight.

She told The News: ‘A large amount of effort has gone into the convictions of these two people.

‘Special thanks must be paid to the South East Counter Terrorism Unit and to Hampshire Police and all the agencies involved in the detection of the individuals who are potentially putting the lives of the public at risk and their own lives through acts of terrorism.

‘I’m pleased that the sentences have been passed and the sentences are of a sufficient time to ensure these two very dangerous people are off the streets of Portsmouth and the UK for six years.

‘It sends a clear message to anyone in the UK considering taking part in any act of terrorism or considering travelling to Syria that they will be found and they will be sentenced for a substantially long period.’

Cllr Jones said she could not pass judgment on the length of the sentences because she was not in the court room.

Detective Chief Superintendent Richard Humphrey, head of SECTU, said: ‘I hope this sends out a strong message to anyone considering engaging in terrorist activity.

‘It was clear that Shahensha and Jaman had intentions to travel to Syria to fight for a proscribed organisation.

‘British citizens committing atrocities in Syria and Iraq have the potential to pose a significant threat to the UK upon their return.

‘At no point did Shahensha or Jaman plan to attack the UK, however due to the intention of travelling to Syria and the potential of radicalisation taking place, we needed to intervene.

‘The sentences at court here today reflect this and the threat they posed with their actions.’

His Hon Judge Dodgson at sentencing today said: ‘You provided the background support and there is no doubt this encouraged others.

‘It is a concern you do not accept the seriousness of what you have done.

‘Both of your conduct over 15 months had a far wider influence. You helped create the situation that now exists in Iraq and Syria.’