Browndown beach closed after needles and glass ‘deliberately placed’

Browndown Beach
Browndown Beach
  • Police reveal needles, broken glass and bags of dog mess were reasons for beach closure
  • They said the materials were deliberately placed and were a ‘hate crime’
  • CCTV is now being installed to prevent future offences
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BROKEN glass, hypodermic needles and fish hooks are the reasons behind the closure of a beach.

Police revealed at a public meeting last night that Browndown beach, near Stokes Bay in Gosport, was closed due to the deliberate placing of glass shards and needles sticking up through the shingle and fish hooks placed in bushes.

Hate crime of this kind is something we take seriously.

Inspector Clare Jenkins

Bags of dog mess were also dumped along with homophobic signs and signs targeting paedophiles.

Police called the dumping of the materials a hate crime and the Ministry of Defence, which owns the beach and surrounding training camp, said CCTV will be installed to catch the people behind the offences.

Military personnel were forced to clear the mess after five contractors refused to.

About 150 people attended the meeting held at Browndown Training Camp to get information on the area as well as the reasons behind the recent closure.

Inspector Clare Jenkins, from the Gosport policing team, said at the meeting: ‘This was a major concern for us. We have to make sure the community feels safe and that is why the beach was closed.

‘When we saw it was homophobic signs, that caused us a great deal of concern.

‘Hate crime of this kind is something we take seriously.’

Inspector Jenkins said the glass, needles, dog mess and fish hooks were all placed within the space of a week in a remote area of the beach.

‘This has been very hard for us to investigate because this area is so isolated,’ she added.

‘But we are working with Gosport Borough Council so we can try and expand the people to help us solve this.’

As reported in The News Browndown beach was closed by the MoD at the end of November due to ‘malicious dumping’ but the exact nature of the rubbish was not revealed at the time.

Training safety marshall for the south Dean Howard said measures are being put in place by the MoD to prevent a similar thing happening again.

He said: ‘We have installed CCTV cameras both covert and overt, at either access points to the beach.

‘We are also working with other agencies and are asking the community to report any suspicious behaviour so we can make this a safe area.’