Burglar banged and kicked Portsmouth flat front door just to steal crisps and an apple

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Drift bar in Southsea
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A BURGLAR who raided a flat for a packet of crisps and an apple has been jailed.

Samuel Timms banged and kicked the front door of the flat above Drift Bar in Palmerston Road, Southsea.

You are someone who has an appalling record, all of it no doubt caused in one sense or by an addiction to alcohol

Judge Roger Hetherington

The 36-year-old, of Derby Road, North End, made threats to kill the victim when he opened the door.

The complainant in this case was present at his flat in Southsea at about half past one that morning,’ prosecutor Tammy Mears told Portsmouth Crown Court.

‘He had been asleep on his sofa when he was woken by loud banging.

‘He said that was nothing unusual as he lives above a bar.

‘He now heard further noise, got up and went to the front door.

‘As he opened the front door he was shocked to see Mr Timms.’

The victim quickly shut the front door to get away from Timms.

Ms Mears added: ‘Threats to kill were made by Mr Timms and the banging and crashing continued with Mr Timms kicking the door trying to get into the flat.

‘The complainant describes being so concerned at that stage he thought the whole front door was going to give way.

‘He went through the living room, opened the window and began to shout outside at the beer garden below for help.

‘He was still concerned so decided to make his way out of the flat.

‘He went back into his bedroom, through the window and down the metal staircase.

‘He continued to remain downstairs until police arrived.’

She added: ‘When officers went upstairs they saw Mr Timms standing in the kitchen in the flat.

‘He was immediately arrested.

‘The victim noted that an apple and packet of crisps had been consumed whilst he was there.’

Timms had got into the flat through a window and damaged a latch.

He pleaded guilty to the October 14 burglary.

The court heard Timms can remember drinking two cans of beer and some medication but nothing else.

He accepts it was frightening for the victim.

Judge Roger Hetherington jailed him for eight months.

He said: ‘You are someone who has an appalling record, all of it no doubt caused in one sense or by an addiction to alcohol.’