Burglar jailed for stealing hundreds from seafront pub

Daniel Storey
Daniel Storey
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Burglar ‘stabbed and attacked with hammer’ by drug dealers enforcing debt

Daniel Storey claimed he had ‘gone to the police’ when the men attacked him over the perceived debt, but was unhappy over police actions to stop the men.

Speaking at his Portsmouth Crown Court sentencing, Storey said: ‘These people forced me into doing the burglaries. I’m sorry.’

Storey, 35, of Hendy Close, Southsea, was jailed for 22 months after he admitted two burglaries and having cocaine.

The court heard £1,800 in cash was stolen from the Jolly Sailor pub in Southsea on October 31 last year, with Storey shinning up a telephone pole to get in.

Foreign currency worth £550, a mobile phone, a travel wallet and computer bag were taken.

He also stole jewellery and cash in a domestic burglary on November 11 last year. The victim said: ‘I do not feel safe in my own home.’

Hugh French, mitigating, said Storey was no longer addicted to drugs after being remanded in prison.

Mr French said: ‘Having gone to the police before the pub incident he was assaulted, stabbed, and hit with a hammer.’

But he added: ‘In relation to what he’d done, he always accepted responsibility for it. He accepts that the custody threshold is crossed and accepts he will be receiving a custodial sentence.’

Addressing the judge, Storey said he had 92 stitches after he was stabbed and attacked with a hammer – across two incidents – and had seen ‘no way out of it’ when he was pressured by the men.

He said the drug debt they were trying to enforce was not his and he had only been out of prison for five days.

Storey said he had been ‘in trouble all my life’ but was now clean of drugs.

The court was told a complaint had been made to the Independent Police Complaints Commission but no further detail was given.

Sentencing, Recorder Patrick Clarkson QC said the attacks on Storey were ‘context of the offences and not amounting to duress.

He added: ‘I note that I’m told today that it was an error of identification by drug dealers but I note in your basis of plea it’s said that you owed people sums of money to these people.’

The judge reduced a sentence of two years and six months to 22 months as Storey pleaded guilty.

He will serve half of this before he is due to be released from prison, the court was told.