Burglar slept in man’s deathbed at Waterlooville home

  • Defence denies he slept in bed as house had been empty for months
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A HORRIFIED grieving daughter discovered a burglar had been sleeping in her dead dad’s bed.

Prolific thief Stephen Mills broke into the house in Glamis Close, Waterlooville, leaving windows unlocked and drawers rifled through.

To encroach on my dad’s house, on my grief and pain, it makes me quite hateful of him

Homeowner’s daughter

But when the former occupier’s daughter arrived on September 30 to arrange viewings she found his bed in a state.

The court heard how she was still grieving from her father’s death last July when she made the discovery at the four-bedroom detached home.

Reading an impact statement Tammy Mears, prosecuting, said: ‘I’m disgusted that he feels he’s more important and above the law.

‘To encroach on my dad’s house, on my grief and pain, it makes me quite hateful of him.’

She added: ‘This person has slept in my dad’s bed.

‘I find it disgusting and horrible – it was dad’s safe haven, it was his place to go and this person has encroached on it.’

Portsmouth Crown Court heard the woman’s father died in his bed surrounded by caring family.

Ms Mears told how the woman arrived at the house.

‘She was immediately concerned, she saw what she described as a box just outside the front door,’ she said.

‘She discovered it was a thermostat from a completely different address.

‘The conservatory door had been forced open.’

Ms Mears added: ‘Throughout the house a number of windows had been left unlocked.

‘Drawers had been rummaged through and the sheet on her father’s bed had been pulled tightly across it.’

Mills, 39, of Celia Close, Waterlooville, has 65 convictions for 213 offences.

Judge Claudia Ackner jailed him for 12 months for the burglary of the home and six months consecutive for a burglary at Sparshatts Garage in Hulbert Road, Havant.

The court heard he targeted that business on September 24 and stole a power extension cord.

He pleaded guilty to one dwelling burglary and one non-dwelling burglary.

Mills had been arrested after being released from HMP Winchester from a 12-week prison sentence imposed on September 28.

Howard Barrington Clark, defending Mills, said he denied having slept in the bed.

‘Mr Mills is adamant that he did not go upstairs in the property, he did not sleep in the bed,’ he said.

‘There was no scenes of crime examination.

‘Reading the statement of the deceased’s daughter, she had not been back to the property in two months.’