Burglar spared jail as he has four children to look after

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A BURGLAR who went on a spree targeting industrial estates has been spared jail to look after four children.

Michael Buisson went out ‘night after night’ breaking into offices and car spares companies in Portsmouth and Horndean.

This is the person who went burgling night after night taking cocaine, drinking

Recorder William Ashworth

The 28-year-old, of Halstead Road, Wymering, cut through fences and kicked in doors and windows causing hundreds of pounds of damage.

In his first burglary on February 2, he broke into Northarbour Allotment office, in Compass Road.

Buisson stole nothing but ripped away iron bars covering the windows and kicked in the doors – leaving the owner with a £945 repair bill.

Then on February 8, he raided JKM Motor Services in Bolde Close, Copnor, cutting through the metal perimeter fence to get to a shed. Again Buisson took nothing but pliers left there were later forensically linked to him.

On the night of February 25, he broke into H&E Car Spares Ltd, in Alchorne Place, raiding a locked cabin and taking £1,500 of catalytic converters.

Between March 5 and 9, he stole £400 from a safe at G&E Heard and Sons, in Marshlands Road, by removing a window at the premises.

Buisson’s final burglary was at Recognition Express at Hillside Industrial Estate, London Road, Horndean.

He got in through a roof before using a desk to smash through safety glass to get into a secure area.

Again Buisson took nothing but caused £1,130 of damage.

Police linked him to the burglaries through DNA on the pliers and footprints left at the first and final burglaries.

Sentencing, Recorder William Ashworth said: ‘There are four children who depend on you.

‘This is the person who went burgling night after night taking cocaine, drinking.’

He added: ‘It’s only because there are four children for whom at the moment you appear to be the last chance that I’m not sending you to jail today.’

Mr Ashworth handed Buisson a 12-month prison sentence suspended for two years.

Buisson must complete a thinking skills programme, a 10-day rehabilitation activity and a four-month 7pm to 6am curfew.

He must pay £400 compensation to H&E Car Spares Ltd and £100 compensation to G&E Heard and Sons.

Buisson has nine convictions for 18 offences. He pleaded guilty to the five burglaries.

Damian Hayes, defending, said Buisson had been losing his job at the time and was living on the streets for some of the time.